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Mavis Technologies is into web development, software development and software consulting company based in Delhi, India.
Our approach is to provide customized web development, software development solutions to clients and to act as an offshore development center for overseas development companies.
Mavis Technologies was founded to bring businesses into the cyber world by improving efficiency and online effectiveness. Since day one we have grown, evolved and gained valuable industry knowledge and experience.
Our services and solutions are architectured and focused on secure, scalable, expandable and reliable business systems. Today we have a customer base spanning across India and the Australia. We also bring value to our customers through our low cost, high quality and reliable development services.
We are a team of highly motivated IT professionals with ability to innovate and a strong desire to excel. We are committed towards achieving high levels of customer satisfaction by ensuring quality, cost effective and timely solutions.

Our Partners

Cranberry Communication,EntireGroup,SVM Systems for Mobile Application and Content Development,Touchscreen Solutions, Raconteur Media Pvt Ltd for Films , Post Production and Media Services , ACME DATA Solutions for Data Conversion services..

Web site Design Services India
Mavis Technologies provides following services:

Web site Development:-

Today is a world of cyber reality and for business having a cyber space is imperative, not just to beat the competition but to survive. Thus, in today’s world Internet is an influential tool that cannot be ignored in any case because there has never been a venue of this magnitude to reach so many potential customers in the history of mankind. Mavis technologies help you to convert your cyber dream in to a reality by providing
Web site design, web site redesign and web site maintenance services.read more

E-commerce Development:-

ecommerce can be defined as “conducting of all the business transactions and communications on the internet”. To simplify further, it is buying and selling of goods and services over the internet. Thus, seller and buyers can interchange inquiries, orders, invoices, transfer of funds etc. directly over the Internet.
Mavis technologies can develop Web Portals, Content Management Systems and will integrate Payment Gateway Integration for your websites….read more

Software Development:-

It is difficult to find a software package to meet your requirements exactly. Our solution, why not have the software designed around your needs! Our team will use your requirements as a brief to design a customised software or web application….read more

Multimedia Development:-

Multimedia can be defined as presenting the media in more than one medium, thus as the name implies, multimedia is the integration of multiple forms of media like voice, sound, text, data, graphics, video, animation etc. Multimedia presentations are having the broad array of applications like conferencing, presentations, training, referencing, games, etc. Mavis technologies make sure that multimedia work done for you, will work for you….read more

Print Media:-

Mavis Technologies Print Media service includes corporate identity, Logo design, Brochure design , and annual reports design. We’ll help you avoid print industry pitfalls and walk you through every step of the process.…read more

Web Site Development company

Today is a world of cyber reality and for business having a cyber space is imperative, not just to beat the competition but to survive. Thus, in today’s world Internet is an influential tool that cannot be ignored in any case because there has never been a venue of this magnitude to reach so many potential customers in the history of mankind.
Having your own web site design can not only help you to sell your products and services but it will drastically alter human behavior when people sell, buy, communicate and retrieve information with so many opportunities on a global platform where more than 500 million people at a time are surfing and number is growing every passing day with unprecedented rate.
Thus, to benefit from one of the most revolutionary events in today’s human society you need a web site design. Your web site should be an asset and business tool that works in harmony with your current infrastructure. We provide a leading edge in web site development and promotion services and creating an affordable web site for you is our utmost priority.
We provide web site design, web Site redesign, web site Maintenance, web site promotion and web site Hosting under web development services.
Let Mavis show you how to create a web presence that will assist your business model and bottom line.

Web Promotion Delhi

Web site promotion is the continuing process to promote a web site to bring more visitors to the website and to enhance its chances of being ranked in the top results of a search engine once a relevant search is undertaken.
Why web promotion?
The emanation of globalize trade, increase in foreign investment and cross-border transactions have put many small businesses under pressure to find innovative ways to continue to market their services and products. This is especially difficult given that they often operate on tight marketing budgets.
In the quest for cheap marketing alternatives, these small businesses continue to use conventional marketing tools like print and electronics media such as newspaper, magazine, radio and television advertisements, unaware of the advantages that web promotion offers. All too often, these entrepreneurs focus on the disadvantages of web promotion and fail to adequately take advantage of the opportunities that it presents. Moreover, their preoccupation with conventional marketing strategies is driven by a misconception that these are cheaper than web promotion.
To most small business entrepreneurs, marketing or promoting their products or services via the Web can be an intimidating task. However, with adequate information small businesses can benefit significantly from web promotion while minimizing the disadvantages that it presents. In fact, it may prove to be the marketing strategy that generates the highest return on investment.
Advantages of web promotion
  • Cost Effective and Enduring Marketing Strategies
  • Market Penetration
  • Low Cost, Instant Communication
  • Content is Timeless
  • Real Time Statistics For Measuring Success of Promotion Campaign
  • Time Saving

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Web Hosting company

It is a service that provides web space for client’s website on web server which was located typically in a data centre and provides access to the website information through internet connectivity.
We provides hosting with 99.9% uptime guaranteed. We provide wide range of hosting solutions on windows platform and Linux Platform. We provide customized solutions depending upon the need.
So when you host with us you make sure that you are in the safe hands.
Following Types of Web Hosting services are available with us:
  • Shared web hosting service
Your Web site is placed on the same server as several hundred other sites. These are somewhat restricted to what can be done.
  • Dedicated web hosting service
Client will get own web server with full control over it (root access for Linux/administrator access for Windows)
  • Collocation web hosting  service
In this we provide physical space that your server takes up and we takes care about bandwidth and data centre.
  • File hosting service
This kind of web hosting service is optimized for specific clients having specific requirement of hosting large files.
When you host with us, you can rest assured that your website will load reliably and quickly. You’ll have the advantage of comprehensive daily statistics, complimentary FrontPage extensions, and multiple e-mail options including webmail.
Data Centre

Mavis Technologies has joined leading Technical Service Provider in Silicon Valley to host our web servers, Network used by our data centre runs on Gigabit Ethernet and multiple OC48’s.
We host our servers at data centre, which are built for ultimate performance and reliability. Faster circuits provide by our data centre, offer us the ability to continue to grow, benefit our customers with better coast to coast throughput and eliminate the possibility of congestion during peak periods or surges in traffic.
The faster OC48 cross-country circuits augments our data center’s already abundant network comprised of connections ranging from gigE (1,000 Mbps) fiber rings in the Silicon Valley to cross-country OC48 circuits, which connect several major exchange points, such as PAIX (Palo Alto), AADS (Chicago), Equinix Ashburn (Ashburn), NYIIX (New York) and MAE West (San Jose).
Our self-healing network architecture, which virtually eliminates a single point of failure. Additional facility features include a digital surveillance system, a high-security card key system, and a knowledgeable onsite staff available 24/7.

Ecommerce Website Development company

In the global village conducting business electronically is no more a dream but it’s an important facet of cyber reality.
eCommerce can be defined as ” conducting of all the business transactions and communications on the internet “. To simplify further, it is buying and selling of goods and services over the internet. Thus, seller and buyers can interchange inquiries, orders, invoices, transfer of funds etc. directly over the internet.
eCommerce is an ensemble of technologies that make possible the online access to services via the Internet and it follows a thin client model, in which multiple services are packaged and presented to a given user to meet their specific requirements. It facilitates technologies and core infrastructure components, for majority of the needs, be defined and implemented independently of tangible business requirements.
Benefits of ecommerce:
  • No Geographical Barrier
  • Time Flexibility
  • Extend Business to unlimited Market Place
  • Lower operational cost
  • Collaborative Working
  • Ease in Business Administration
  • Fast Approval of work
  • Secured Payment systems

Process of ecommerce:

From the above explanation we came to know about ecommerce and its benefits.

Now, in order to implement ecommerce to our business we have to take care of few other concepts of ecommerce, which helps us to convert business to e business.

Following are few common steps to form ecommerce website:

  • Domain Name Registration and Web hosting
  • Creating Catalogue
  • Integrating Shopping Basket
  • Integrating Online Payment Gateway
  • Order Tracking

Apart from these few necessary and sufficient above steps, there are no of other specific functionalities are integrated depending upon the clients individual requirements.

We offers complete range of ecommerce based solutions developed using the latest cutting edge technologies like J2EE, .NET, PHP with MS SQL or Oracle Database to its client’s world wide through our network of channel partners.

Our ecommerce Solutions include applications and services for retailers, manufacturers, wholesale distributors, and service companies, doing business domestically or in multiple countries.

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software development company delhi

It is difficult to find a software package to meet your requirements exactly. Our solution, why not have the software designed around your needs! Our team will use your requirements as a brief to design a customised software package.

Our software Development Process includes:

  • Requirement Gathering, Analysis and specifications
Requirement gathering is the one of the first step in the process of developing type of software, while extracting the required information from the customers, they probably may believe they that they know what they want in the required software but it requires a professional skill and experience in software engineering to recognize incomplete, contradictory or ambiguous requirements. At this step we analysis experts play a critical role in getting the information from the clients in such a technique that there remains no scope for incomplete, contradictory or ambiguous requirement.
After the detailed requirement gathering, our analysis experts put their heads together to analyze what exactly customer require in the software and how it is technically and financially feasible keeping a desired amount of time and resources, upon which a precisely describing specifications of the software are written in a mathematically rigorous way which takes entire software product development process in to its next stage.
  • Software Design and Production
Depending upon the specification received from the previous stage of the software product development a precise design and architecture explaining step by step functionality of the software is developed which will act as a roadmap for the developers to code the functionalities of software in a modular approach.
  • System Integration and Testing
As each module of the overall software product will come practically in to its shape, it will be subjected to the testing for verification and validation purpose because testing a process of verification which means to identify the correctness, correctness and quality of subjected module of the software where as validation identifies the relevancy of the developed module with reference to the customer requirement.
As each module of the developing software qualifies itself from the various standardize testing processes like white-box testing and white-box testing, a new process of integrating individual modules will be stated in order to achieve the complete software product, this process is referred as system integration and system then will be subjected to system testing which will identifies any communication flaws and defects that will only surface when a complete system is assembled. That is, defects that cannot be recognized to individual modules. System testing will follow a series of tests designed to ensure that the modified modules interacts accurately with the other integrated system modules to perform in the prescribed directions to maintain overall integrity, security and configuration sensitivities of the system.
  • Implementation and Training
Once complete system is developed and qualifies the testing phases it will be ready for installations at the customer end for its use, once the system is successfully implemented a complete training by professional trainers will be provided to the users of the software which helps users to utilize the newly implemented system with its utmost potential.
  • Support and Maintenance
We provides full support to its customers by taking constant feedback and post installation working complexities which will be taken care by technical support team who will facilitate the user in case of any issues if occur in smooth functioning of the implemented software. We also facilitate user by providing maintenance of deliver software. It is a process of fixing bugs or adding minor enhancements to the software before the release of the new version of the software.
Our Software Package includes:
  • Requirement Gathering, Analysis and specifications
  • Software Design and Production
  • System Integration and Testing
  • Implementation
  • Full System Training
  • Service, Support and Maintenance
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